Significant Risks Associated With The AI

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Significant Risks Associated With The AI
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Significant Risks Associated With The AI

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While the business world increasingly recognizes the immense and unprecedented value brought about by the advancement of AI systems and models, there is also a growing global concern regarding the immediate dangers and risks associated with the unregulated progress of this technology.

The very qualities that make AI systems and models, such as LLM models, appealing technological innovations also render them potentially the riskiest technologies if not developed and implemented with careful consideration.

In particular, the current capabilities of AI models to learn patterns in vast quantities of data and make their insights available through natural language interfaces has real potential for the following abuses:

  • Unauthorized mass surveillance of individuals and societies.
  • Unexpected and unintentional breaches of individuals’ personal information.
  • Manipulation of personal data on a massive scale for various purposes.
  • Generation of believable and manipulative deep fakes of individuals.
  • Amplifying while masking the influences of cultural biases, racism, and prejudices in legal and socially significant outcomes.

The risks posed by the rapid advancement of AI systems and models have become so pronounced that, in an unprecedented move in March 2023, 30,000 individuals, including some of the world’s leading technologists and technology business leaders, signed a letter urging global governments and regulators to intervene unless AI developers agreed to voluntarily halt or slow down the development of AI technology for a period of six months.

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