PrivacyOps Certification – Data Mapping Automation Badge

Data mapping is the system of cataloging the data collected by an organization. It records how data is created, stored, used, processed, shared, archived, and destroyed.

Automation simplifies this process, using A.I. and machine learning techniques to discover, classify, and catalog personal data across multi-cloud environments in structured and unstructed systems.

Learn more about data mapping and its solutions.

By earning this badge, students have demonstrated their knowledge of the following topics:

  • What is Data Mapping, and why is it essential?
  • Why do organizations need a modern Data Mapping solution?
  • What questions does Data Mapping help answer?
  • The PrivacyOps approach to Data mapping
  • The challenges and solutions of Data Mapping 
  • The Data Mapping process 
  • Data Mapping maturity levels
    • Maturity Level 1 – Data Mapping with basic automation
    • Maturity Level 2 – Data Mapping with advanced automation
    • Modern Data Mapping: AI-powered robotic automation

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