PrivacyOps Certification – The Modern Privacy Landscape Badge

The modern Privacy Landscape is evolving to address data privacy concerns perpetuated by new technologies. That’s why organizations need to evolve their data privacy management policies and practices accordingly. 

Learn more about Privacy laws and what you can do today to start your compliance journey.

By earning this badge, students have demonstrated their knowledge of the following topics:

  • The definition of data privacy. 
  • The meaning of personal and sensitive data from a privacy law perspective.
  • The 7 Data Protection Principles. 
  • The two main approaches to data privacy: Privacy-by-design and Privacy-by-default. 
  • An understanding of major modern privacy laws of the EU, California, Brazil, Canada, and Australia. 
  • The consequences of failing to comply with data privacy laws. 
  • An organization’s responsibilities to safeguard its consumer’s personal data and fulfill its obligations.


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