PrivacyOps Certification – Vendor Assessment Automation Badge

A vendor assessment is an accurate, independent, and systematic evaluation of a current, or prospective vendor’s compliance with global privacy regulations. Vendors answer a set of questions from an assessment portal. Each section addresses a specific aspect of privacy compliance readiness. 

Automation can simplify this process and streamline the vendor privacy evaluation process. 

Learn more about Vendor Assessments and its solutions.

By earning this badge, students have demonstrated their knowledge of the following topics:

  • What is a vendor assessment?
  • Why should organizations assess vendors?
  • Liabilities of data controllers and non-compliance risks of vendors.
  • Issues of manually assessing vendor privacy. 
  • PrivacyOps solution to vendor assessments.
  • How vendor assessments work in a PrivacyOps Platform.
  • How vendor privacy risk monitoring and rating work.


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