Overview: What Is AI Governance?

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Overview: What Is AI Governance?
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Overview: What Is AI Governance?

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AI governance involves directing, managing, and monitoring AI activities to meet legal and ethical requirements. On the ethical front, businesses are focused on ensuring a high level of transparency, safety, and security in their AI models to build and maintain customer trust. On the legal one, enterprises must conform to legal requirements and satisfy regulators — or risk substantial financial penalties and damaged brand reputation. Forward-thinking businesses look a step down the line, understanding that, by starting early with good AI practices, they can not only meet compliance, gain customer trust, and build brand reputation, but they can stay on the forefront of responsible innovation.

AI governance is the way to this early adoption mindset — and is essential for enterprise leaders who are integrating AI services into their businesses. It addresses the challenge of managing compliance, safety, and security for the entire AI lifecycle — from creation to deployment. Effective AI governance provides control and oversight, ensuring that businesses develop and manage their AI services responsibly, ethically, and in compliance with both internal policies and external regulations in a documented, efficient, and demonstrable manner. This is crucial for businesses to navigate the complex landscape of AI technology while maintaining trust and accountability.


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