The widespread adoption of AI necessitates methodical guardrails to govern, manage, and secure its use. With such guardrails, you can enable the fast yet safe integration of AI into your organization. This certification covers core concepts in generative AI, global AI laws, compliance obligations, AI risk management, and AI governance frameworks that ensure responsible innovation. Authored by industry-leading experts with decades of experience in data privacy, security, and governance, the AI Governance Certification prepares you for the future. Enroll now and certify your expertise!

Accessible Learning
Free online course, featuring video tutorials with no prior requirements. It’s designed to be on-demand, allowing you to complete it in multiple sittings.

Comprehensive Curriculum
Includes 8 modules, 8 quizzes, and a final Certification Exam. Completing the course typically requires approximately 2 to 2.5 hours.

Recognition and Credits
Earn shareable badges for each module and a certificate upon completion. Qualifies for 1.5 IAPP CPE Credits.

Introduction to AI Governance Certification
Foundational AI governance concepts for certification
Introduction to AI and Generative AI
Explore key concepts and risks of Generative AI technologies.
Introduction to AI Governance
Understand AI Security & Governance with Gartner's AI TRiSM and Securiti's 5-Step approach
AI Model Discovery
Discover and catalog both sanctioned and unsanctioned, or shadow, AI
AI Risk Assessment
Explore comprehensive AI risk management frameworks and assessments for third-party and in-house AI applications
Understanding Data and AI Relationships
Explore the interplay between AI models and enterprise data flows within organizations
Controlling Data Inputs and Outputs
Secure AI systems through LLM firewalls against OWASP Top 10 and NIST-identified adversarial ML threats
AI Regulatory Compliance
Navigate AI regulatory compliance, ensure ethical AI usage and meet privacy obligations
AI Governance Program & Management
Optimize AI governance for business success and legal compliance
Recap: AI Governance Certification
Recap: Mastering AI governance for certification


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