PrivacyOps is a modern framework for automating privacy operations across an organization. This certification covers the core concepts in global data privacy laws, the process of operationalizing data privacy at an organization, and the role of automation in simplifying data privacy management. The PrivacyOps Certification is authored by industry leading experts who have decades of experience in data privacy, security, and governance.

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Introduction to the PrivacyOps Certification
The PrivacyOps Certification was created by industry experts for anyone interested in Data Privacy. See what's inside.
The Modern Privacy Landscape
Learn the latest on Data Privacy Laws, Privacy practices, and the technologies revolutionizing Data Privacy today.
Data Privacy Management
Privacy Law compliance and PrivacyOps
Take a deep dive into modern Global Privacy Laws, learn the meaning of "PrivacyOps", and discover the PrivacyOps framework.
Data Privacy Management
Sensitive Data Intelligence
SDI solutions help discover, analyze, and protect data sets at a petabyte-scale. Explore these A.I.-powered solutions in this lesson.
Data Management
Data Mapping Automation
Learn how data mapping helps detect & classify personal data across various data types and infrastructures.
Data Management
Data Subject Rights Fulfillment Automation
DSRs are rights granted by law to users over their personal data. Explore these rights and learn how to honor them.
Data Privacy Management
Assessment Automation
An assessment gives visibility into an organization's privacy law compliance. Learn about assessment requirements under the GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and more.
Data Privacy Management
Consent Lifecycle Management
Consent is one of the legal basis to collect and process personal data. Learn about the entire Consent Lifecycle in this lesson.
Consent Management
Privacy Notice Creation & Management
Privacy Notices and Policies are not the same. Discover why, and learn how to create compliant Privacy Policies and Notices.
Consent Management
Incident and Data Breach Management
Learn about the complete Data Breach Response Management Lifecycle.
Data Protection
Vendor Assessment Automation
Vendor assessments evaluate a vendor's compliance with global privacy regulations and assign ratings. Explore how they work in this lesson.
Data Privacy Management
This lesson summarizes Data Privacy concepts, Data Privacy Laws, and the PrivacyOps framework.
Certification Exam
Test your knowledge of fundamental Data Privacy concepts, Privacy Laws, and how to implement a robust Privacy framework.


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  • Aspiring Data Privacy Professionals seeking knowledge about Data Privacy Management.
  • Current Data Privacy Professionals looking to brush up their knowledge.
  • Professionals who want to start their career in Data Privacy Management
  • The core concepts of PrivacyOps
  • How to implement PrivacyOps at an organization, at various levels of maturity.
  • The global landscape of data privacy regulations
  • Key elements to be included in an effective privacy policy
  • How to implement a Data Privacy Management framework at your organization
  • The solutions that enable a PrivacyOps framework

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