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AI Security & Governance Certification
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AI Governance Program and Management

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AI Governance Program and Management

Due to the widespread adoption of AI technologies at the workplace, AI offerings to customers, and the dangers it can cause to the rights of individuals, employees, and customers, there is a dire need to regulate AI and build an effective AI governance program within the organization. Moreover, the increasing regulatory requirements on the use of AI and the massive increase in AI industry standards and frameworks in recent times have further convinced organizations to take AI governance seriously and make it a regular part of their compliance activities throughout the AI lifecycle and across the organization. 

An AI governance program refers to a system of policies, practices, and processes that an organization implements to manage and oversee the use of AI within the organization in line with the organization’s business objectives and needs, customer expectations, and applicable compliance requirements. AI governance program operationalizes AI governance, and is essential for managing risks, ensuring ethical AI use, achieving regulatory compliance, enhancing data quality and security, building stakeholder trust, and driving operational efficiency in AI initiatives.


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