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AI Security & Governance Certification
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What is Data + AI Mapping?

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What is Data+AI Mapping?

Data + AI Mapping is a strategic capability that meticulously charts the journey of data as it flows through and interacts with artificial intelligence systems within an organization. This mapping process involves identifying and linking AI models to their respective data sources, understanding the pathways through which data is processed and transformed, and acknowledging the roles of various vendors and third-party services involved. It’s a comprehensive approach that not only visualizes the intricate relationships between data sources and AI outputs but also assesses potential risks, compliance obligations, and the overall integrity of the data utilized.

By conducting Data + AI Mapping, organizations can achieve a deeper understanding of their AI ecosystem, enabling them to proactively manage privacy, security, and ethical considerations, thereby ensuring that AI governance is both effective and responsible. This methodical mapping serves as the foundation for a robust governance framework, facilitating the proactive identification of vulnerabilities and the implementation of strategic guardrails to safeguard against misuse or breaches, ultimately ensuring the safe and compliant use of AI technologies.


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