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AI Security & Governance Certification
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AI Regulatory Landscape

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AI Regulatory Compliance

The continuous and rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have intensified the need for legislators and world leaders to come up with solutions to regulate the development of AI and ensure its safe use. Different jurisdictions have opted for different strategies to regulate the ever-evolving field of AI, ranging from the introduction of comprehensive legislation to sector-specific regulations, and voluntary guidelines and standards. Entities involved in the development and deployment of AI globally are confronted with a complex and rapidly evolving legal environment.

Businesses using AI systems must comply with AI-specific regulations and standards, as well as data privacy obligations that relate to the use of AI. To streamline this demanding compliance process, businesses can leverage comprehensive compliance automation tailored to AI. Such a system offers a wide-ranging catalog of global AI regulations and frameworks, including the NIST AI RMF and the EU AI Act, among others. It facilitates the creation of distinct AI projects within its framework, enabling users to identify and apply the necessary controls for each project. This process includes both automated checks and assessments that require input from stakeholders, providing a holistic approach to ensuring compliance.


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