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AI Security & Governance Certification
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Unpacking Data and Processes Tied to AI

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Unpacking Data and Processes Tied to AI

The cornerstone of managing and leveraging AI within your organization lies in developing a comprehensive map that links AI models to their data sources, processing paths, vendors, potential risks, and compliance obligations. This map is not just a static representation but a dynamic tool for continuous monitoring of data and AI flows.

  • Connect Models to Data Sources: Begin by linking each AI model to its respective data sources. Understand where your data originates, and the journey it takes to feed into your AI models.
  • Identify Data Processing Paths: Trace the transformations and processing steps your data undergoes. Each transformation is a potential point of impact on data integrity and relevance.
  • Assess Vendor Relationships: Evaluate the SaaS vendors and third-party model providers involved in your AI ecosystem. It’s crucial to understand not just the models they use but the nature of the data they handle—especially sensitive information.
  • Pinpoint Risks and Compliance Obligations: Risks related to privacy, security, and ethical considerations must be identified early. Mapping out these elements helps in understanding how data flows might intersect with potential vulnerabilities.
  • Implement Continuous Monitoring: The data and AI landscape is ever-evolving. Continuous monitoring allows for the detection of new vulnerabilities and ensures that governance mechanisms adapt to changing conditions.
  • Embracing these steps: It will create a vibrant ecosystem where data and AI not only coexist but thrive together. This ecosystem enables your teams—whether they’re focused on privacy, compliance, security, or data—to proactively manage risks and dependencies, ensuring that your AI initiatives are both powerful and responsible.


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