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AI Security & Governance Certification
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AI Readiness Assessments

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AI Readiness Assessments

AI readiness assessments aid organizations, wherever they are on their AI journeys, to help decision-makers understand where to prioritize efforts. It evaluates whether an organization has undertaken the right measures (i.e., administrative, legal, and technical) to comply with specific AI standards or regulations. It is far more than a checklist; it engages stakeholders from all business areas and uses questions with their responses to identify risks caused by gaps between current organization policies and regulatory requirements. Readiness assessments contain inbuilt risk triggers and map them to key obligations under a specific framework or law, such as NIST AI Readiness Assessment, EU AI Act Readiness Assessment, etc.

These AI readiness assessments contain questions on governance, infrastructure, AI capabilities, people and culture, and data management. The results of these questions then correspond to an organization’s mark on the level of preparedness or the level of maturity of an organization to adopt AI.


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