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PrivacyOps Certification
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Issues with the Legacy Privacy Management Approach

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Organizations use personal data to craft individualized brand experiences for data subjects. As a result, these organizations store and manage more personal data of various kinds in a structured and unstructured manner. The continuing privacy compliance regime makes it clear that the implicit or explicit abuse, misuse, or breach of personal data by organizations causes serious harm to their brand image, as well as opening them to regulatory fines and lawsuits.  

Global privacy regulations’ stringent requirements challenge organizations’ adherence to traditional compliance and privacy management practices driven by periodic manual surveys and assessments of structured and unstructured data.  Full compliance with these new data privacy regulations is exceptionally complicated and frustrating, as people’s data often sprawls across hundreds of internal and third-party systems. These systems span multiple different organizational silos, adding to the complexity of coordinating compliance.

In the past two decades, compliance solutions have evolved from manual surveys that capture a snapshot in time to workflow management and web portals. While the advent of web portals has improved the user experience, these solutions still lack the true end-to-end automation needed for agile and accurate privacy compliance.


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