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Module 13
PrivacyOps Certification
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What is PrivacyOps?

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PrivacyOps platform helps automate all major functions needed for privacy compliance in one place. It is the combination of philosophies, practices, automation, and orchestration that increases an organization’s ability to comply with a myriad of global privacy regulations reliably and quickly.  PrivacyOps focuses on operationalizing privacy across the organization efficiently and agilely using machine learning, automation, and data intelligence.

It evolves an organization from traditionally manual methods across various functional silos to full automation in a cross-functional collaborative framework for most aspects of privacy compliance. Its reliability and responsiveness to data subjects’ requests enhance an organization’s trust equity and make it more trustworthy with sensitive personal data. 

Why is PrivacyOps Needed?

To eradicate the complexities in traditional privacy management practices, a new approach is needed. An approach anchored in the real-time understanding of personal data across the vast array of internal and external systems spanning multiple organizational silos. A strategy that couples the data intelligence with streamlined automation and orchestration across silos to enable efficient and timely compliance with these new regulations. 

DevOps has emerged as a new approach for efficiently delivering software in a more agile way, and many organizations are now exploring a PrivacyOps approach for compliance. For organizations to better manage their users’ Personal Data, privacy compliance should be automated across the overall operation’s multiple processes. 


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