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What is Sensitive Data Intelligence?

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Sensitive Data Intelligence (SDI) is a class of solutions that help organizations discover, analyze, and protect large datasets. These solutions are purpose-built and fully automated for handling petabyte-scale data across cloud-native & non-native assets, both on-premises and multi-cloud, in structured and unstructured formats.

Sensitive Data Intelligence is a single platform providing the following comprehensive capabilities:

  • Build a catalog of all shadow & managed data assets
  • Enrich sensitive data catalogs with privacy, security, and governance metadata 
  • Discover sensitive and personal data across any structured and unstructured assets
  • Enrich the sensitive data catalog with automated classification and tagging
  • Discover and centralize sensitive asset and data posture
  • Visualize and configure data risk
  • Build a relationship map between data and their owners 

As the world becomes more digital, organizations worldwide have started to collect more and more personal data. Collecting and processing personal data helps organizations understand their consumers better, improve their satisfaction, and ultimately, increase revenue. Personal data is not just limited to those of consumers. An organization typically also processes personal data belonging to its employees and the general public for various business purposes. Today, data is considered the most valuable commodity for organizations as it helps them operate effectively and efficiently. 

According to the IDC’s Annual DataSphere and StorageSphere forecasts in 2020, the amount of data created and replicated experienced unusually high growth of 64.2 zettabytes in 2020. It further predicts that global data creation and replication will experience a compound annual growth rate of 23 percent over the 2020-2025 forecast period. The same report indicates that data created in the cloud is growing faster than the aggregate DataSphere. As our critical data continues its movement to the cloud, it also expands the risks that come with ubiquitous access, and this is precisely where Sensitive Data Intelligence (SDI) comes into play. It helps organizations determine where all their data is and how they should handle it.


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