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Module 13
PrivacyOps Certification
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The Building Blocks of a PrivacyOps Platform

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In a PrivacyOps platform, different teams use automation in all privacy practices that historically have been manual and slow, giving them a better real-time understanding of privacy issues, readiness, and compliance needs. With the PrivacyOps approach, legal, IT, data, development, information security, and other teams work in a common framework to ensure effective and speedy privacy compliance.

The organizing principle of the PrivacyOps platform is that data intelligence necessarily lies at the center of all privacy compliance processes. A PrivacyOps platform comprises of the following systems:

  • System of Engagement This system engages multiple stakeholders to understand the privacy posture & risks of an organization. It enables effective engagement of diverse teams, from legal, privacy, IT, cybersecurity, marketing, development, and corresponding support groups. In the PrivacyOps platform, teams do not work independently in privacy compliance. Instead, these teams operate within a common framework that lets them communicate and work more effectively toward privacy compliance critical practices.
  • System of Automation and Orchestration  Automation and orchestration are at the epicenter of enabling workflow, agility, reliability, scalability, and manageability of PrivacyOps. This system automates and orchestrates complex tasks like DSR fulfillment, PI Data linking, consent lifecycle management, recording audit and other tasks to reduce cost and bring agility in privacy compliance. Automation links personal data to its rightful owner for user consent makes possible the creation of People Data Graphs, which provides real-time views of regulatory risks and empowers teams to respond swiftly to compliance mandates. 
  • System of Collaboration and Insights  PrivacyOps brings secure collaboration in privacy management practices. The system of collaboration and Insights uses AI, bots, and intuitive visualization for better collaboration of multiple stakeholders. System of Insights also provides real-time insights about all aspects of privacy compliance, including PI data risks, DSR fulfillment status, regulatory compliance posture, vendor risks, and user consent in one place. It eliminates the need for historical methods of sharing sensitive data and personal data assessments over insecure communication channels for both compliance and review purposes. 
  • System of Record and Knowledge In this system, teams can keep all important, privacy-related information such as assessments, PI linkage graphs, data maps, regulatory templates, vendor documents, and other records in one place. These records can be accessed anytime and privacy teams can share them with external stakeholders securely.

As organizations prepare to shift from a manual method of compliance to a PrivacyOps approach for managing data privacy, it is essential to note that PrivacyOps envisages a slow and steady transition of organizations from their legacy data privacy management procedures to the new state-of-art framework. Therefore, PrivacyOps is divided into two maturity levels, which will be explained next.


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