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Module 13
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The Challenges of Effective Breach Management

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Failure to fulfill breach notification responsibilities may expose organizations to exorbitant amounts of fines and penalties. Therefore, an organization must have mechanisms and procedures in place of doing so. Organizations face several challenges while implementing effective data breach notification management. 

  • Complex legal landscape Most global privacy laws require organizations to disclose data breaches. Based on the place of business and jurisdiction, an organization may be required to comply with several laws with unique data breach requirements. Also, regulations change often, leading to complexities in managing data breaches.
  • Time and resource-intensive Managing a data breach can be very time-consuming. Administrators spend hundreds of hours investigating data exposed, assessing risk exposure, developing a remediation plan, and notifying impacted stakeholders. 
  • Inconsistent risk assessment Before an incident can be declared a data breach, organizations need to assess that incident’s impact and evaluate its risks. However, with several applicable laws, organizations do not have a consistent way to evaluate risks and determine if they qualify for any exceptions.

    Therefore, a comprehensive breach management product should assist organizations in managing the breach lifecycle promptly. It must offer a complete workbench to simplify incident workflow management, a built-in research database and automation to handle repetitive tasks with minimum disruptions.


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