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Module 14
PrivacyOps Certification
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DSR Robotic Automation, a solution in a PrivacyOps platform, can complete all the following tasks:

  • Automatically verifies the identity of the user through inbuilt or third-party identity verification solutions.
  • Automatically discovers systems and objects that hold subjects’ data across hundreds or thousands of internal and external systems and identifies current owners of those systems.
  • Automatically collects or assists in collecting the subject’s personal data from each system and makes it available for review and approval.
  • Automatically invites all owners and stakeholders to collaborate securely in one platform, enabling quick and secure collaboration. Having all data in one platform helps prevent data from sprawling into other systems (email, internal IM software), and increasing security risks.
  • Automatically generates an encrypted report for the subject. 
  • Automatically keeps an audit trail of all the steps taken to comply with the subject request to prove compliance in the event of legal issues.


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