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PrivacyOps Certification
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What Questions Does Data Mapping Help Answer?

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What questions does Data Mapping help answer?

To envision what a modern data mapping solution would look like, we will have to see what questions organizations want answered when constructing data maps for their privacy compliance needs (i.e  such as constructing data flow maps, complete Privacy Impact Assessments and Risk Assessments on their processing activities, ensure Privacy By Design practices are followed throughout the process lifecycle within their organization and document RoPAs (Record of Processing Activity) reports as required by various global privacy regulations (such as Article 30 of the GDPR)).

Various questions to be addressed for each system & process

This is where the PrivacyOps methodology towards data mapping proposes a new paradigm to answer all of these challenges using robotic automation, data intelligence, and a portal for secure, collaborative, and holistic data mapping.


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