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Module 13
PrivacyOps Certification
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Course Content and Brief Introductions

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This course is divided into the following modules:

Module 1: The Modern Privacy Landscape

This module provides an overview of data privacy and modern privacy laws. It introduces the fundamental data protection principles and explores the consequences of failing to comply with the modern privacy legal landscape.

Module 2: Privacy Law compliance and PrivacyOps

This module introduces the PrivacyOps approach and its maturity levels. It sheds light on how PrivacyOps can be adopted to help organizations manage personal data according to the applicable legal requirements. 

Module 3: Sensitive Data Intelligence

Sensitive Data Intelligence (SDI) is a class of solutions that help organizations discover, analyze, and protect large datasets. These solutions are purpose-built and fully automated for handling petabyte-scale data across cloud-native & non-native assets, both on-premises and multi-cloud, in structured and unstructured formats.

Module 4: Data Mapping Automation

Data mapping is a fundamental requirement for all PrivacyOps operations. Module 3 explores data mapping using robotic automation and data intelligence and the advantages such an approach brings for an organization handling large sets of personal data.

Module 5: Data Subjects Rights Fulfillment Automation

All modern privacy regulations grant several rights to data subjects concerning their personal data. These rights give data subjects control over their data and may be exercised under particular conditions with limitations. Module 4 explores how PrivacyOps automation helps organizations respond to data subjects’ requests corresponding to a data subject’s right.

Module 6: Assessment Automation

This module explores the need for multiple assessments for an organization and how PrivacyOps helps organizations handle these assessments effectively.

Module 7: Consent Lifecycle Management

This module explores how the PrivacyOps approach assists organizations in consent management. This is especially relevant where the legal basis for data processing is consent. This module covers both the Universal Consent and Cookie Consent Management solutions.

Module 8: Privacy Notice Creation & Management

This module provides an overview of an organization’s obligation to notify data subjects and display privacy notices at various personal data collection points. This module examines how PrivacyOps assists in privacy notice creation and management.

Module 9: Incident and Data Breach Management

This module provides an overview of the need to secure data from security incidents and an organization’s requirement to notify personal data breaches to regulatory authorities and data subjects. This module explores how PrivacyOps enables organizations to manage personal data breaches and make timely notifications.

Module 10: Vendor Assessment Automation

This module explores why there is a need to assess vendors and third parties and how vendors’ privacy ratings work. This module examines how PrivacyOps assists organizations in conducting vendor assessments.

Module 11: Conclusion

This module concludes the course by discussing the development and growth of privacy regulations and how consumer awareness has increased over time concerning data privacy.


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